Services found in this group are Web Development and Support, iTunesU, Harris Connect-Goldbook, Social Media, Parent Portal, and the following Ellucian (Banner) services: Admissions Self-Service (myApp), Self-Serve Faculty, Admission, Self-Serve Finance, Self-Serve Staff, Self-Serve Student Campus.


The governance group will provide direction for a cross-functional team which is comprised of business owners, application owners and support services from across the entire campus, as well as faculty and students.


  • Manage the portfolio of services for the technology portfolio governance committee.
  • Recommend strategic direction in support of the University mission.
  • Ensure the applications and services are appropriate for the portfolio and meet the following criteria where appropriate:
    • Well integrated
    • Scalable
    • Portable
    • Complementary
    • Similar
  • Take input on improvements to services.
  • Decide on appropriate work to be done using the prioritization model.
  • Add subcommittees and workgroups as needed.
  • Communicate with the faculty, staff and students regarding project goals and progress.
  • Publish committee work, project information and meeting minutes to web site.


  • Assess the contents of the portfolio to determine additions or changes.
  • Perform an assessment of all requests received from the campus.
  • Review and recommend appropriate investments in new or improved capabilities to support the institution's core missions, and to realize efficiencies and cost savings in its operations.
  • Determine the work needed to satisfy service requests.
  • Prioritize the work and projects to effectively manage resources.
  • Provide decisions within the scope of authority for projects and requests.
  • Assemble proposals that require Executive Council approval.
  • Review and recommend the retirement of aging or outdated services.

Decision Authority

It is the intent of the committee to have decision making authority members so that resource commitments can be made without having to escalate all projects to the Executive Council for approval. Projects will be prioritized based on common criteria across all governance groups. The technology portfolio governance committee will authorize most of the project work and only escalate if the project exceeds budget or resource capabilities.